Hi friends! I created Curious Coffee Drinker for two reasons: one, to share my insights and curiosities with the world and two, to form a place where people with similar interests can connect and share with one another.

If you desire to get the most out of life and are looking for ways to do so, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve written about and researched a wide range of topics that include health and wellness, personal development and growth, psychology, diet and nutrition, spirituality, meditation, mental illness, etc. These topics and more are what Curious Coffee Drinker is about.

I have a Masters degree in General Psychology as well as a certification in Health Coaching. Oh and I’m also insanely curious about life and have a raging addiction to dark coffee (hence, the blog title:).

I’m working hard behind the scenes to get this blog up and running so in the meantime, follow Curious Coffee Drinker and follow me on Twitter. More to come soon!